Brentwood Farms Community Garden

bfcg 2018

Brentwood Farms Community Garden, season 9, June 2018

Brentwood Farms Community Garden in Deering Center is a partnership between the City of Portland’s Community Garden Program, Cultivating Community, and the DCNA. To join, or to learn more go here! 

BFCG Harvest 172017: Brentwood Farms is officially now a City of Portland Community Garden!

Roccy tomat

Roccy Risbara, 1943-2014

It has been 9 years in the making, and we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Roccy and Marcia Risbara and their wonderful family, but BFCG is now part of the city-wide community garden program. To reserve a plot or get on the waiting list you can now contact the lovely folks at Cultivating Community who administer the City of Portland’s Community Garden program.

Of course, we remain a neighborhood garden and check this page for community events such as garden potlucks, workshops, harvest celebration and fall cider pressing that are open to all.


potluck-1Welcome Brentwood Farmers and Friends!

Season 7! BFCG 2016

panaramaIt is hard to believe it is our seventh season at Brentwood Farms! Welcome back to most gardeners, and welcome anew to our arriving gardeners. BFCG is the community garden in Deering Center, located on the very end of Brentwood Street and adjacent to Evergreen Cemetery. More than sixty Deering Center families grow their food at BFCG, and we offer a beautiful spot for everyone to walk, gather, and share in the beauty of our neighborhood. side gate view

Season Six! BFCG 2015

Many thanks to Jon Chalfant for the use of his awesome cider-press system at our Harvest Celebration! Over 30 gallons of cider pressed! And Congratulations to Norm Buttrick who won the pie contest this year! See you all in the spring!

cider press 15

BFCG Cider Pressing 2015



yoga garden new time


Events 2015BFCG is hosting a Yardscaping workshop on Saturday, June 13th from 10:30 – noon. The event is put on by the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District. We’ll have muffins and coffee, and you can learn how to grow a yard that’s naturally healthy! Everyone is welcome.

Mayor's Daughters Pink TulipsMay 

Spring has sprung! All Brentwood Farmers, new and returning will need to attend a morning orientation on either May 9th or May 16th in order to get their assigned garden plots.  Forms and payment will be accepted between 9:00 am and noon on both days for all gardeners who have confirmed placement with Deirdre, our beloved Plot Lady.

Contact Brentwood Farms to be put on the garden wait list for 2015 

Winter 2015: Snow, Snow, snow!! 


Fall 2014: Harvest Celebration!

Harvest 2014

Summer 2014:

garden circle summer 14

Our Garden!

Spring 2014: Season Five Begins!

garden gate_5Welcome Back Brentwood Farmers! Season Five will mark our transition to becoming a City managed community garden. Whew, we did it! We built a beautiful garden and launched a thriving community.P1030113

All Brentwood Farmers, newbies and returning should plan on attending one of two orientations – we have new paperwork requirements that come with the transfer and it must be done in person. So plan on either:

Garden Orientation 2014

Saturday May 3  or May 17stake_70

10:00 am

At the Garden: sign up, sign over, and get your garden stake to claim your spot! And while we are there anyway, we may as well have a work day! Wear your boots and bring your rakes.

Winter 2013-2014


Rocco C. Risbara, Jr. Harvest Celebration 2011

Rest in Peace, Rocco C. Risbara, Jr. ( 1943-2014)

It is with a heavy heart that our garden family learns of  the loss of our benefactor and dear friend, Roccy Risbara. So many of you have been with us since the beginning, when Roccy helped us get this garden built to honor the memory of his grandfather, Clemente Risbara, owner of the original Brentwood Farms. You know the generous nature and boisterous charm of Roccy, you’ve heard his stories, and  you know the deep debt of gratitude we owe him and his beautiful wife Marcia and their sons. For those who didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him, of working by his side (and, man, could that guy work!) do know that the Brentwood Farms Garden was just one project of many, but one that meant a great deal to him. We honor his memory and that of his family when we garden on the old farm.

Rocco Risbara, father of Roccy and son of Clemente with the original Brentwood Farms Market Gardeners truck (c. 1935)

Rocco Risbara, father of Roccy and son of Clemente with the original Brentwood Farms Market Gardeners truck (c. 1935)


Second Winter Workshop from Cultivating Community: Backyard Composting, Tuesday March 11


Getting Started in Backyard Composting:

Create Your Own Black Gold in 2014

Cultivating Community Presents

i diggarb_gard

With Dianne Ballon from Brentwood Farms Community Garden and  Kendall Hinkley from Garbage to Garden

Come learn how composting can improve your garden soil and benefit our community. We will share important tips to get you started.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014. 5:30 pm

East End Community School Cafeteria 195 North St. Portland

FMI email or call Laura at 207.761.GROW

Free Workshop. All are welcome.

Last month’s lecture:  Indoor seed starting

Indoor Seed Starting for the Home Gardener Flyer-page-0Calling all Gardeners – Brentwood Farmers and Home Gardeners: Time to get those seeds started – or at least to start planning for it! Cultivating Community invites all Portland Gardeners to a workshop on starting seeds indoors on Tuesday,  Feb 11 at the East End School at 5:30.

Indoor Seed Starting for the Home Gardener Flyer

Our garden at rest, but still the garlic grows in anticipation of season 5!


early snow cover, December 2013

Autumn 2013

Harvest Celebration!

BFCG Celebrates another wonderful season!

BFCG Celebrates another wonderful season!

Thank you to all who came out for our 4th Annual Harvest Celebration at BFCG! Freshly pressed cider, home-baked pie and fellowship on a beautiful fall afternoon.  Thanks to the Stoddards for the use of the family press, to the farmers and friends who donated the apples, to the bakers and judges of our pie contest (with hearty congratulations to this year’s winner: Alison Kenway!) . May everyone enjoy a restful and restorative winter and we’ll see you again in the spring for Season Five!!!


soon to be cider

Summer 2013: Season 4


Garden Ellipse

new fruit trees: two pear and a plum!

new fruit trees: two pear and a plum!

Brentwood Farms welcomes 21 new gardeners to our garden family in season four! We have 68 individual and family plots, 20 Common Share beds, new asparagus and mulberry patches and four new fruit trees.  We are off to good start, and want to thank all the Brentwood Farmers for their effort.

Also new this year is a 600 gal. rain barrel watering system – thanks to the vision and work of Denis and Scott! Three families have “adopted” the Children’s garden, keeping the gnomes happy and busy!

community herb gardens at BFCG

community herb gardens at BFCG


the Children’s Garden at BFCG

The community herb beds and fruit orchard thrive, making Brentwood Farms a perfect spot for a picnic or stroll, come on by some summer evening and see it for yourself!

Spring! 2013

Gearing up for Season Four at Brentwood Farms!

i dig

Thanks to all who took our garden survey, on to season 4!


October 2012

Join us For our 3rd annual Harvest Celebration at BFCG! Sunday, October 21 at 2:00 pm – Potluck picnic, Cider and Pie Contest! All are welcome. (Rain date for the 28th)

September 2012

What a wonderful garden season it has been at Brentwood Farms! A fantastic year for tomatoes (the slugs would nod their heads in agreement, if they had heads to nod), beans and greens!

Mother Nature has been especially beneficent this year with her regular watering schedule and enough warm sun to ripen things. We’ve battled bugs, molds, and unfortnately, a two-legged pest that visits the garden and takes the food that is growing there. To deal with this last one, we’ve installed locks on the gates, which means only those who have a plot or belong to Brentwood Farms Common Share will be able to get in the garden gates. Our many guests and visitors are welcome, as always, to enjoy the grounds that surround the garden including the berry patches and orchards.

For those who would like to get on the BFCG waitlist for next year’s season, please send us a note at and we will be happy to add your name.

June 2012

BFCG is Shovel Ready!

BFCG is Shovel Ready!

June begins wet and dreary in Portland this year, but Brentwood Farms is in good shape for season three thanks to over 100 hours of volunteer work logged by our Brentwood Farmers, friends and neighbors.

Wood chips for the path.

Season Three by the Numbers:

  • 67 Individual Plots
  • 25 Common Shares
  • 23 Berry bushes

    Alison weeds.

  • 12 Fruit trees
  • 6 Rain Barrels
  • 5 Hoses
  • 2 Herb beds
  • 1 Beautiful Shed

    Aaron shows the apple trees some love.

May 2012

Garden Aid 3! THANK YOU!!

Many, many thanks to all of you who pitched in for our wonderful Garden Aid 3 event – to all of our donors and guests: thank you for your support!

To our musician/gardeners: Slate members Jenny Van West, Greg Bjork and Erik Neilson;  Annegret Baier;  Deirdre McClure and Christina Chute: you are an amazing and inspiring group. Thank you so much for sharing your talents both in and out of the garden.

To Don Drake and the congregants of Central Square Baptist Church: thank you for allowing us, once again, to use your wonderful space at the Church. We look forward to a long and collaborative friendship!

To Anne Haskell, who always ends up in the kitchen! – thank you for your hard work and support.

With money raised from Garden Aid 3 the DCNA was able to pay off the balance on the City of Portland’s bill for our site plan review process! Whew!  Our garden is built! Thank you all for your help, sweat and support!

April 2012

Please Join us on Saturday April 28th for the Garden Aid Benefit to kick off season 3 at BFCG!!!

 All ages are welcome for a neighborhood potluck, music jam with local band, SLATE, and local goods auction – jars of Deering Center honey, home-made goodies, plants and more! If you play an instrument, bring it along and join the fun on Saturday April 28th at 6:00 pm – The Central Square Baptist Church on the corner of Brentwood and Stevens Ave. The money raised will help us pay off our last outstanding City bill  and buy wood shingles for our beautiful shed.

Tickets will be on sale at Jet Video in advance, or at the door: Tell your friends and neighbors and we hope to see you there!

March 2012

City Wide Community Garden Forum: Monday, March 19th at 6:30 pm – Merrill Auditorium Rehearsal Hall  – calling all urban gardeners in the City of Portland!!

Come one, Come all! Help Portland grow some gardens!

The snow is melting and gardeners are beginning to stir! Please join us for a Common Share Potluck on Friday March 9th at 7:00 pm at 14 Hillis Street – a build-your-own pizza potluck – bring either a topping or a salad or a dessert and join us as we evaluate last year’s Common Share adventure and make plans for Season 3.0. All Brentwood Farmers are invited, and if you are curious about Common Share at Brentwood Farms – this is the time to ask questions and get involved!

Calling all Musicians!! BFCG is also gearing up for Garden Aid 3.0! To help raise $1,000.00 to pay our final City Bill for the traffic study that they felt was necessary, and to pay our annual insurance bill. We are planning a coffee-house jam session with our multi-talented gardener-musicians at the Central Square Baptist Church for mid-April. Please contact Elizabeth or Deirdre if you are interested in playing or contact Lise or Scott if you’d like to contribute to our local-goods raffle (bid local!).  Last year’s event was a great success and we hope to repeat it.

More information to follow!!

If you are an interested musician or have a gift to contribute, please contact us:

October 2011

Roccy Risbara and his rebuilt replica of the original Brentwood Farms’ Market Gardeners’ 1934 Diamond T

Thanks to all who made our Harvest Celebration such a wonderful day! We pressed over ten bushels of apples to make cider, and Roccy Risbara brought over his 1934 Diamond T, a replica of the one his grandfather used for the original

Rocco Risbara, father of Roccy and son of Clement with the original Brentwood Farms Market Gardeners truck (c. 1935)

Brentwood Farms,  for its maiden voyage – today Brentwood Farms yields a bumper crop of happy children!

September 2011

Thank you, Anne Haskell and The Central Square Baptist Church, where we held our  old fashioned Canning Party last Sunday, 9/11. Brentwood Farmers and DCNA members  learned how to put up and preserve our harvest – 20 pints of salsa, canned tomato juice and pickled onions! A very fun and productive afternoon.
Read here: Maine Sunday Telegram Column: August 14: Summer is Bountiful at Brentwood Farms!  “This volunteer-created public garden offers Portlanders a place to plant and harvest goodness by the bushel…” 

August 2011

Thank You Learning Works, Roccy Risbara and generous Brentwood Farmers! We are thrilled with the latest addition to our garden: a tool shed! The shed was designed by architect and Brentwood Farmer,  Glenn Harmon, built and assembled by the crew at Learning Works, and delivered to us by our great benefactor Roccy Risbara. How lucky we are to have such talented and generous folks working on our behalf – it is really amazing what grows in our goodwill garden – thank you, everyone!

July 2011

Thanks to Scott Segal, Lise Wagner, Bob Rossi and Deirdre McClure for joining the Management Committee for Brentwood Farms Community Garden. Feel free to contact these garden neighbors any time you have a question or concern. Say hello the next time you’re in the garden, or send an email.

A note from Kiya, Master Gardener, Management Committee and Fruit Guru,  on mid-summer gardening:


A gentle reminder: As a community garden we share the joys and the labor, but we also share the pests and diseases. If you wonder about a plant or an insect, there are several gardeners available to give advice. It is in all of our interests to stop problems early.

It’s Japanese beetle season. They particularly like certain plants, such as beans, raspberries, rose family plants, and some weeds, esp. evening primrose. There is no easy organic solution, but there are
ways to keep the numbers down. Handpicking is best. Take a plastic
quart container and half fill with water and a little dishwashing
liquid. Hold it under the plant the beetles are on and shake the
plant. The beetles fall down a few inches before they catch themselves to fly, so at that point they fall into the water. When you catch a bunch don’t dump them right away as some will take awhile to drown.

Keeping your area and path around it as clean and weed-free as
possible always helps. It is possible to put a lure 100 yards away
from the garden, and they may fly there. It may just bring more in
from Greater Portland.

Tomato hornworms are starting to find tomato plants. If you see leaves with big holes chewed in them, look for a green caterpillar, probably along the stem and surprisingly hard to see. If it has some funny white protrusions on its body, it has been parasitized by wasps and these are the eggs. Don’t kill these hornworms, as they will die soon and we want the wasps to reproduce. If they don’t have these you need to squash or drown them.

This is also the time of year the weeds go wild. If you are having
trouble keeping up with the weeds in your plot, you may want to
consider mulching. I recommend first a covering that blocks light to
kill the weeds. There is black landscape cloth for sale that allows in
the moisture but not the light. A few layers of newpaper also works.
You can then cover these with woodchips, straw, leaves, seaweed or
other covering. This can take care of the paths, and you still need to
pull weeds next to the plants. For those of you plagued with
persistant grasses, leave the mulch on until next spring, and that
will kill it.

beet greens

In this hot weather the lettuce tends to bolt and get bitter. But it
is a good time to pull up the old and plant more seeds for another
crop. It can be planted anytime until mid-August. Kale for fall
harvest can also be planted until then.

You may have noticed that the blueberries will soon be getting ripe. We don’t have a lot, but everyone can have a taste and children are welcome to pick and eat liberally. Our fruit trees are doing OK but
would usually be happy with more water.  If you are working in the
garden for awhile and not using the hose, if you could put it on a
tree or 2 it would be great. Our water pressure is such that it can
sit under each tree for 15 minutes.

We’ve done a great job using woodchips, and could use more. last year when I saw people doing tree work in the neighborhood I’d ask them to drop their chips off and the tree people were always very
accomodating. This year I haven’t seen a crew to ask, so if anyone
else notices work being done, perhaps you can request chips for us.


Mayor's Daughters Pink Tulips June 2011

The Future is Now at Brentwood Farms

Jeffery Spofford at The Portland Daily Sun gets it just right: “I saw the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in Portland, and with the past staring me right in the face, I saw the future. Upon leaving Evergreen Cemetery via Brentwood Avenue Sunday, I stumbled upon the Brentwood Farms Community Garden…”

Read more here.

Day of rest and celebration:

Thanks to all our hosts and visitors last Saturday!  Portland Education Foundation’s Secret Garden Tour: Deering Center Gardens and Brentwood Farms helped raised money for Portland Public Schools. A little rain didn’t stop the action, and we welcome all of our new friends and supporters! Thanks also to the neighbor who provided the music – a nice touch!

Good neighbors, Good FencesMay 2011


The Contra Dance fundraiser  helped us raise enough money to purchase the materials for our new fence – white cedar posts from Bruce Tweedie’s lumber in Thorndike, Maine and a black mesh liner that was donated by Risbara Construction and several hours of labor from Brentwood volunteers and it really looks smashing!  attaching the mesh Soon we’ll attach swing gates and plant a ring of sunflowers , morning glories and scarlet runner beans along the rails. Thank you to everyone who helped – too many to name, but everyone’s work was greatly appreciated!

You’ll find more photos  on our facebook page:

Exciting News!

Brentwood Farms Community Garden has been chosen
as a featured garden for the 2011 Secret Gardens of Portland Tour!
This fundraiser benefits Portland Education Foundation, a 501c(3)
non-profit organization that works with the Portland Public Schools.
This event is being held on Saturday, June 11th 2011 10 am – 3:30 pm
rain or shine.  It is a self-guided tour.  Tickets are $20 and on sale at Big Sky Bakery, Skillins Greenhouses and O’Donals Nursery.

We will need Brentwood Farmers on hand to show off their plots and welcome our visitors!

Legislative Sentiment awarded for BFCG!

Brentwood Farms is recognized by the Maine State Legislature! Thank you to Rep. Haskell who introduced the Legislative Sentiment and to the Portland Delegation of both Houses who co-sponsored the Sentiment!

State of Maine Legislative Sentiment

Garden Aid 2.0: Contra and Ceilidh Thanks!

We did it!! We raised enough money at the benefit Contra Dance and Ceilidh to purchase the fence materials – and we got a jump start on the toolshed. Thank you to everyone involved: the Highland Soles and Owen Marshall for the wonderful music; Evan Pillsbury and Eleuthero Community for their generous cosponsorship; Raffle Mastermind Scott Segal and the many generous donors; Lisa and Val for the food and drinks! Special thanks to the members of the community who came and danced and helped us meet our goal!

The fence is on its way – we’ll need your help in getting it in the ground, so get ready for an ambitious schedule of workdays this spring.

BFCG – the early years

March 2011

We had a strong showing of Gardeners at the Health and Recreation Committee meting last night (March 22). The Committee members have requested more information and have postponed the full City Council meeting that  was scheduled for April 4.  The Health and Recreation will take up this item, the proposed amendment by the Friends of Evergreen to develop the Brentwood parcel, again on Tues. May 17th. The DCNA and the Brentwood Gardeners look forward to working with City staff, Councilors, and representatives from the Friends of Evergreen to meet a compromise, which allows all parties to participate. We will keep you updated .

Here you’ll find the background materials for the meeting Health and Recreation back-up material (2 packets):

Eric Reburn, known to all of you gardeners as Mr. Italy, wrote a  beautiful letter that captures the spirit of the whole Brentwood Farms mojo:  here’s a selection from it:

” …Beyond the consumable benefits of the garden, this place provided aneducational opportunity for those that were not part of the garden.  Timeafter time I would welcome passersby that asked about the garden to comeinside the fence to see, and yes taste, what was happening here.

My wifeand I had the distinct pleasure of sharing some of our some of our gardenwith a trio of preadolescent boys one Sunday morning.  We told them allabout the garden and how at some point there might be some plots dedicatedto children so they too could enjoy the pleasure of honest and down to earthwork, care, love,  and at the end of the season, the fruits of their
efforts.  Their eyes lit up when these tasted the sweetness of a sun
drenched cherry tomato freshly wash from the early morning watering.  They
had never tasted anything so delicious.  We gave these young men peppers and
tomatoes to take with them and they left with smiles on their faces.  Along
with this happiness they left with a greater sense of group effort that will
perhaps one day make them a gardener so they too can pass along the joy.”

Read the whole thing here: Letter to Councilors

New Growth!

Think Spring!

Denis Noonan writes: The Eleuthero kids cleared the plot today and planted peas.  The Pilgrims needed to get a crop in the ground early in the spring.  The granular snow looks like little seeds and the “corn” snow was the clue that the melting would be thawing the earth.  When we cleared the snow away a layer of “ice” covered green growing things like grass, carrot, chive, and maybe we thought a bean.  The kids “jack hammered” with their shovels to make a trench and lined it with peat moss as it filled with water.  Then the peas got poked in.  Great fun and the growing season has begun at Brentwood.  The old Yankee wisdome says, “Peas planted before St. Patricks Day will harvest for July 4.  We hope so!

The individual plots at  Brentwood Farms Community Garden are filled for the 2011 season – but there are still ways to participate in common share and fruit harvest. There are still families on the wait list, and this participation would be the best way to still be part of the garden effort – or you can call the City of Portland to get on their (very long) waiting list: 874-8872

What this City needs is more Community Gardens!

I know we are all antsy for spring, but I thought before this season is out, I’d share one of our gardener’s picture of the garden in winter. Jen Dean captured the beauty  and peace of the garden  at rest – and I’m sure that underneath all that snow, our garlic is beginning to grow . Or will be, soon. Thanks Jen!

Jen Dean Photography

Important note: the City Council Meeting schedule re: Brentwood Parcel has been changed. Please see this note from the Planning Division: Tuesday, March 22 at 5:00 pm and  April 4th 7:00 pm City Council Chambers

Gonna make this garden grow.

“UPDATE re Monday’s City Council meeting:

Please be advised of the following:

At the beginning of the Council meeting on March 7th, the Council is
going to postpone this item to the Council meeting on April 4th at
which time public comment will be taken and followed by a Council
discussion and action.  The Council is also going to refer the item to
the Health and Recreation Committee for public comment followed by a
discussion and action by the Committee at its meeting on March 22nd at
5 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The Committee action will
be either a recommendation or a report to the full Council.

The members of the H&R Committee are Councilor Dory Richards Waxman,
Chair and Councilors Cheryl Leeman and John Anton. Comments can be
submitted to them in advance of the March 22nd Committee meeting  at
the following e-mail addresses:

Any comments sent to a Councilor should also be sent to staff person
Linda Momborquette at

Penny St. Louis
Director of Planning and Urban Development”

Click here for DCNA’s Letter to the Council

March 2011:

Brentwood Farms Community Garden has won ecomaine’s eco-Excellence Award for 2011! Thank you, Alison Kenway for the nomination, and to ecomaine for the honor of the award.  The award and prize (we are hoping for a state-of-the-art-compost bin) will be granted at the award ceremony on March 22.

ecomaine writes, “The community garden group’s eco-friendly efforts have set a positive and practical example for others to emulate and we look forward to sharing your accomplishments with other communities.”

It is nice to be recognized, and this garden has been a tremendous group effort since it began – thanks to everyone for all of your hard work!

Spring 2011:Save the Date!

Garden Aid 2.0: Contra Dance and Ceilidh to Benefit Brentwood Farms Community Garden

When: Friday, April 8th ,2011 7:00 pm

Where: Longfellow School Gym,
432 Stevens Ave Portland, ME

Who: Highland Soles and guitarist Owen Marshall will provide the music, You bring the dancing feet!

Cost: $10.00 adult; $5.00 child (under 13); $25.00 per family.  Bring the entire family!

Raffle and Concessions: All proceeds to benefit the Garden. Thanks to everyone who (will) contribute terrific items! I’ll keep a list of them here for you all to follow. Contact Scott Segal with donations and for more info.

Spread the Word!

October 2010

Workday Saturday October 2nd

Thank you to all who showed up, especially GSA Troop 1712 who did a bang-up job preparing the raspberry bed for next year’s spring planting. We also weeded plots to make room for two rhubarb beds (Annagret is psyched) and three  garlic beds – our next community work day will be after the frost to plant garlic (BYOBs)  and clean out and mulch beds. So keep an eye on the weather, and when the chill hits, we’ll be back in the dirt.  

The tomato harvest has exceeded expectations! Eric and Jo have harvested over 100 lbs which means a full pantry for them this winter. Please feel free to pick the common share plants on the perimeter – we may still have a few more weeks before the frost gets them.

A message from the Girls Scouts, Troop 1712:

On behalf of Girl Scout Troop 1712, I’d like to thank [DCNA] for the opportunity to be a part of the first season at the Brentwood Gardens.  As some of our fellow gardeners may know, the produce that we managed to get from our lot was donated to the Wayside Pantry to help feed the hungry in Portland.  As we get ready to close down our lots for the year, I am offering this suggestion.  If people have excess produce that they don’t need or want, they might consider donating it to the Wayside Pantry.  The Girl Scouts would be more than happy to make the delivery for you.  Please feel free to talk to us at the work day tomorrow or call.  [See Elizabeth for Jean’s contact info]


Jean Koster
Leader of Troop 1712
Manager of Girl Scout  Machigonne Neighborhood

August  2010

Workday this Sunday, August 1 : weeding, mowing, fence work from early morning on. Please join us!

July 2010

Early reports of peppers and radishes are in, and the fruit orchard is off to a good start: three apple trees and a dozen high bush blueberries!

Join us on Facebook for fans of  Brentwood Farms Community Garden!

June 2010

It has been a frantic couple of weeks for Brentwood Farms Community Garden – but the grid has been plotted, the plots assigned and some eager garden pioneers have already planted for this inaugural season of the BFCG! More than forty neighbors already have their plots, and more than sixty are participating when you include the common share and fruit share. We are off to a wonderful start and our next big push will be to get the berries and pumpkins in, in the common lots outside of the garden oval.

There is still much to be done, but for now, I’d like to say to the pioneer gardeners: well done! Your plots look terrific! Be sure to follow us on facebook, where you can be a fan of the garden, ask some of the extremely talented fellow gardeners for advice, and share your garden success stories.

Common Share News:  A Note from Brad

Hello fellow gardeners! I just wanted to drop you all a quick note and let you know what I have been up too with the community spaces, and kind of some ideas about where we are going now. So the fun stuff… 18 tomato plants from Fishbowl Farm are in the ground! Both pumpkin and winter squash seeds have germinated, and are getting bigger by the day. I plan on being at the garden this Friday, most of the day to get more work going. Hoping to seed the first few rounds of cukes and zukes (two types of each) as well as the beans (again, bush and pole.) In the next week or two there will be a fair bit of work to get done, with lots of mulching, weeding, and soon starting on the trellising. Not to mention watering. Did I mention weeding? Trellising is an area where I would love to find someone with some skills with ropes and knots. Both our cukes and tomatoes will need some trellis support, and I have a few fun ideas about the pole beans. A few dog walkers/ big stick foragers would be very helpful here. Other work that I see in the next few weeks is preparing the pumpkin/ squash patch. I am hoping we can find someone with a push mower in the next week or so to trim down the clover and other growth in the area. After that I hope to find a source for some compost or just nice rich soil to build up our squash hills. Possibly more so than any other crop these plants really want some extra rich dirt to grow in. Any ideas on where we can get some nice rich growing material?  So we have more than a few jobs to pitch in and get our hands dirty with.

Garden Meet Up at the DCNA Spring Meeting: 3/22/10

Please join us on Monday, March 22 in the Longfellow Elementary School gym to get an update on the garden progress and to learn about this spring’s inaugural planting! We’ll meet at 7:00 pm and we will discuss the garden management plan, plot allocation and planting schedule, as well as assign different groups to manage the shared crops and fruit tree plans. Master Gardeners are especially welcome!


Brentwood Farms Community Garden

The DCNA is happy to announce that the Deering Center Community Garden is scheduled to break ground (and clean up, clear out, and get ready!) in spring of ’09! The site of the garden is the upper portion of the Brentwood parcel of Evergreen Cemetery, that opens on to Brentwood Street and is the historic site of Brentwood Farms, land that was once owned and farmed by the Risbara Family of Portland.

Our plan is to use the front acreage for communal garden beds, both raised and in-ground plantings for food, herbs, and flowers. We will designate ample space for berry bushes, fruit trees and a pumpkin patch.

In addition to garden space, we have partnered with Portland Trails to cut and maintain a trail that runs along the parcel and connects with the established trails that run for miles behind the Evergreen Cemetery.

Our goal is to create a shared community space that is inviting and useful to all Deering Center residents, and will be beautiful and inviting to all of the visitors of Evergreen Cemetery.

To learn more about our effort, or to join the email list please contact us.


One response to “Brentwood Farms Community Garden

  1. Here’s a note we received from City Councilor Dory Waxman this morning, (thanks Dory! for your continued support):

    Dear Deering Center Neighbors

    I walk everyday in Evergreen . I have since I moved to Portland from the Mid Coast 23 years ago . It is one of my favorite places ! My children used to play ball in “the Sandlot ” which has now become the Deering Community Garden…This morning I am just writing to say THANK YOU .

    A few weeks back in the pouring June rain I had the honor of meeting Rocco Risbara who chatted with me about the history of the plot and his work throughout Portland . It poured ..we talked . Mud everywhere but a big smile on his face despite the weather. Community building and neighborhood growing right in front of my eyes. Doesn’t get much better than that !

    Two nights ago my husband Daniel and I walked to the garden . It’s just Beautiful ! It’s a great gift to the neighborhood and I look forward to watching it be planted , bloom and harvest next year .

    Thank you to all who have participated in this effort. We are always better together and this just proves it ! Happy summer and please let me
    know if there is any way I can help you as you move forward.

    Dory-Anna Richards Waxman
    Portland City Councilor at Large

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