McAuley Place: Public Meeting for Phase One development

motherhouse redevWhat: Public Meeting: McAuley Place Phase One development

When: Wednesday, July 29, 2014 6:00 pm

Where: Deering Center Community Church, 4 Brentwood Street

This public meeting is to review the planning board submission related specifically to the redevelopment of the Motherhouse.  It will focus on the historic Motherhouse and the site plan, access and parking for the 88 apartments of housing going into the Motherhouse. For those folks who attended last week’s Planning Board meeting, it will be an opportunity to provide more specific feedback and ask questions related to the Motherhouse.

The master planning process for the entire campus (the rest of the project / the new construction) will not begin until the early fall. We will have a neighborhood meeting about that plan and process in September or October.


One response to “McAuley Place: Public Meeting for Phase One development

  1. Jean Fraser from the City Planning staff has been excellent in sending out notices and updates. She sent this link for the level III site plan and subdivision for the Motherhouse that Kevin and Matt talked about at this meeting. For those interested it can be seen here: It will go before the Planning Board for final approval on Aug. 11.

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