Compromise is good: City Council approves zoning change for McAuley Place

P1030395In a rare (for Portland) turn of events, both sides have agreed to a scaled-back development at 605 Stevens Ave, which allowed the City Council to unanimously approve the modified zone amendment which will green light the project for Seacoast at Baxter. The work will will happen in phases, with the restoration of the Motherhouse as the first priority. Each subsequent phase will require site plan approval from the Planning Department, a process that will welcome public input.  The DCNA looks forward to working with neighbors and developers as the project gets underway.

The new amended R5A boundary reduces the maximum number of units, including the Motherhouse and subsequent buildings by 85 units to a total of 249 units. This compromise reduces the re-zoned area to 7.51 acres, with the remaining 5.39 acres staying in the R5 zone.

More on the compromise and last night’s vote is here at the Portland Press Herald


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