McAuley Place Development: Next step, Portland City Council

A conceptual sketch shows how the current site of Catharine McAuley High School and a former convent could become home to housing marketed to hundreds of people 55 and older in Portland.

A conceptual sketch from the City of Portland Planning Report on the proposed development of McAuley Place

Following the Planning Board’s May 12  recommendation to proceed with the redevelopment of McAuley place at 605 Stevens Ave, the process now moves on to the zoning change from R5 to R5A, which will be taken under consideration for approval by the City Council as outlined below.  Please mark these dates if you plan to attend and add public commentary.  If you cannot attend, comments can be sent to Jean Fraser in the Planning Department by Wednesday June 10th for inclusion in the informational packet provided to councilors.

Timetable for City Council consideration:

Monday, June 1 2015 (usually 7pm):  First reading (this is a “noticing” meeting and no one speaks at the first readings).  However, the agenda for this meeting will have the CC Report in it and it will be on the web-site the Friday before the meeting.

Monday, June 15, 2015 (usually 7pm):  Second reading (also known as the hearing)-   the City Council would vote at this meeting on whether to approve or not the proposed zoning amendments. The Agenda and the Report will also be on the City’s website the Friday before the meeting. Public comments would be taken at this meeting.

*Please note that it is possible that the item could be postponed from June 15th and that would be a decision of the Council and they would vote on any postponement.*

Information about the City Council can be found at this link:



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