Keeping it Clean: Paper in Bins, please!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe DCNA received the following notice from Suzanne Hunt, Portland’s Sanitation Compliance Officer on the City’s new policy of keeping all recyclable trash in bins only for garbage pick up day. The City hopes this will reduce the instances of litter and drainage debris:

As you may have heard The “accepted” use of paper bags as recycle set out containers is being phrased out. The initial phrase has worked well, citizens are responsive to the litter and storm drain issues that paper bag set outs contribute to. The ordinance is being fully enforced in Wednesdays’ trash route. Our No Pick Up Area is to be expanded section by section.

Our current focus is the Thursday pick up route, which includes Parkside, Outer Congress, and the St. John Street area. We will work with this route for three weeks before moving onto Friday’s route.

Any assistance you could provide in getting this information out to your constituents would be greatly appreciated. This is a team effort to prevent litter and inform the public. You are encouraged to refer any questions to me, I will answer all phone and email enquires. Attached Is a flyer that you are welcome to distribute.

Thursday route education and enforcement: September 16 – October 7th

Friday route enforcement starts October 14

Monday route enforcement starts October 27th

Tuesday route enforcement starts November 3rd

Thank you very much for your help with this initiative, for keeping our city sanitary, and keeping the storm drains clear of litter. Also FYI: City wide leaf pick up will begin November 3rd and continue until Thanksgiving.

Suzanne Hunt
Sanitation Compliance Officer
Department of Public Services
City of Portland, Maine
55 Portland Street
Portland, Maine 04101

One response to “Keeping it Clean: Paper in Bins, please!

  1. Will be anxiously awaiting enforcement of ALL of the city’s recycling and trash disposal regulations for the Friday collection area…..violations are rampant and cost all taxpayers.

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