Maine Memory Network: 1924 Portland Tax Records Archive

1924_50 Alba

An image of the house at 50 Alba Street as it was in 1924.

Was your Deering Center house built before 1924? If so, you may be able to find a picture of it in the City’s 1924 tax survey archives, which are stored in the Planning Department’s files on the fourth floor of City Hall. Happily now, most of these records have been uploaded to the Maine Memory Network at the Maine Historical Society.


The 1924 survey effort was part of a city-wide re-evaluation, and offers a look into the past. The entire collection consists of 131 books containing approximately 30,000 pages, with each page a photograph and written description of a single property (properties with more than one building will generally have a page for each building). Here is the picture and description  of the greenhouse operations at what is now the site of Brentwood Farms Community Garden .


The site of the future Brentwood Farms Community Garden, which in 1924, had seven operating greenhouses to grow produce for local markets.


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