Brentwood Farms Season 3: Giving Thanks

Brentwood Farms at Harvest

At times the words “thank you” seem inadequate to express the gratitude we feel to so many in our community and beyond, who have helped make our third gardening season a great success! For those of you who celebrated our Harvest Celebration on a glorious fall day – thanks for being a part of it!

To the Risbara family, Roccy and Marcia, and Peter and Claudia, whose generosity knows no bounds – thank you!

Roccy Risbara brings the fun!

Pressing Cider

To the Stoddard family, for the use of the old fashioned cider press – thank you!

To our distinguished panel of judges for our first ever pie contest: Nancy English, Shelia Donofrio, and Erinn Conn – thank you!

Pie gets serious!

Here’s to next season! See you in the spring!

For more pictures, visit our facebook page.


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