Brentwood Parcel Decision: City Council June 20th

Thanks to all of the gardeners and friends who came in support of Brentwood Farms Community Garden.

Update: The Friends of Evergreen did ask and were granted  postponement of their proposal. We get to do it all again next year!

See the City Council Agenda and backup materials here:

The DCNA and the Brentwood Farmers would like to thank the Health and Recreation Committee for its time and consideration of this issue. We had hoped that the Council would adopt its recommendation to accept the proposed Master Plan Amendment  for Brentwood parcel for phase one and two only, which would allow extended use of the Community Garden by the DCNA.  We look forward to working with the city on the new task force to reevaluate the city-wide community gardening program.

May 17 Health and Recreation Committee DCNA letter


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