City Council Meeting: Brentwood Parcel

Mark your Calendar:  Monday, March 7th 7:00 pm Council Chambers City Hall

Brentwood Farms Community GardenThe Friends of Evergreen have proposed a new Master Plan for the Brentwood Parcel, the City-owned property where Brentwood Farms Community Garden is located. The plan was was presented to the City Planning Board on January 11 and the Board recommended  that it go before the City Council to be adopted as part of the City’s comprehensive plan.

The DCNA recommends to its members, and any who have an interest in the future of Brentwood Farms , to please plan on attending the public hearing meeting on Monday March 7th at City Hall to voice your concerns or to ask for more information.  That is the date that the City Council considers the item and takes public comment.  Jean Fraser will be preparing the report and recommendation to be forwarded to the Council.

If you would like to submit commentary and pictures to the Council for their consideration please send it to Jean Fraser: and she will be sure to include it in the packet.

The Planning Department Report is available on the  City Planning Department website.

Because the proposal is now a City Council agenda item the
background materials are now  available to read or download at the City Council site:

The pertinent information begins with the order to adopt the Brentwood
Parcel Master Plan and amend the City comprehensive plan on page 204
of the packet. It includes the City Planning report and the actual
proposed plan which begins on page 225.

The plan is also available in hard copy from the Planning Reception: (874 8719) but the City is quite reasonably worried about copy and mailing costs. (Gee, if copy and mailing cost is prohibitive, just imagine the cost of implementing it!)

You may also want to watch the City Council Evening Agendas to stay updated.

Please note: Jean Fraser has asked that I let everyone know that this addendum of 2010 does not change the status of the Brentwood Parcel – the parcel has belonged to Evergreen Cemetery since the Cemetery acquired it by tax lien in 1942.  Prior to that it was productive farmland owned by the Risbara family.


One response to “City Council Meeting: Brentwood Parcel

  1. A note from Jean Fraser:

    “…the comments I am receiving indicate to me that some people think that an addendum means that the parcel is being added into the Cemetery as a result of this Master Plan- which is not the case. I thought perhaps that you might include this clarification in your website…
    …I think the key facts are that the parcel has been included within the Cemetery ownership and boundary for 68 years and is included in the (adopted) 1994 Master Plan for the Cemetery (which includes a suggestion for greenhouses here I believe).”