Farming and Bee Keeping Forum: LMS

LMS Geodome

Lincoln Middle School sixth graders will host a forum with farmers from diverse backgrounds on December 17 from 9 to 10 a.m. One forum will take place in the school library, and another will be held simultaneously in Room 209.

Panelists include Lincoln parents, staff members, new Mainers from Somalia and Sudan, and neighbors from Brentwood Farms Community Garden. The panelists will talk about their work on farms, keeping honey bees, and growing food and medicinal plants in their backyards and garden plots

The forum is part of a cross-cultural unit of study based on the novel “Seedfolks” by Paul Fleischman.


One response to “Farming and Bee Keeping Forum: LMS

  1. We got some great mail from the Students of LMS and I thought I’d share some of it:

    Cindy Nguyen wrote: “Thank you for giving your time to us and teaching us the history of the Risbaras. We learned so much in one day.

    I learned that the Risbaras had a wonderful greenhouse and could grow crops without electricity in the winter, but they couldn’t save it because they couldn’t pay the taxes. I also learned that the Brentwood Community Garden is in the same place the Risbaras’ green house was.

    “Thank you again for coming! We really appreciate your time. I hope that I can help you or work with you in what you love to do, HELPING THE COMMUNITY!!!!!”

    Amal Ahmed , who has a garden himself with his sister and father, wrote: “Thank you for making our garden grow! I hope you have a good day!”

    Taylor Grassi wrote: “Thank you very much for coming to Moxie House to take part in our Seed Folks Community Garden Discussion. The students in Moxie House learned a lot from you.

    It was interesting that there were Italian farmers that could farm year round because they put pipes underground to heat the soil. Also, it was amazing how they could grow the crops through the winter.

    Thank you, once again, for taking time to visit to tell us your hobbies.”

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