DCNA Clean-Up Day: Thank You!

Keeping the “D” Fresh, a continued annual effort between Deering High School
student athletes (Boys and girls Lacrosse, Track, Tennis, Softball and
Baseball) and the Deering Center Neighborhood Association.  Coordination of
the effort was shared between local resident Scott Segal and DHS
Co-curricular Director,Bill Leroy.  In approximately 45 minutes these kids
picked up enough trash to fill 2 vans.  Local residents David Little and
Emily Segal also took part.

I am proud of the efforts and support that Deering High School students are
giving.  Hopefully over time, the efforts of these students will encourage
other students to not litter in the first place.  The action of these
students I truly believe makes an impact.  When they see first hand how much
trash is collected in such a short amount of time.  I believe it tells the

The areas cleaned were:

Around Memorial Field

Around Little League Field

Around Tennis Courts

DHS Parking lot

Longfellow school/playground

Lincoln Middle School

Stores-Stevens Ave

Baxter Woods

Around Deering High School

Around Basketball Court

Take Care!
Scott Segal

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