Garden News June 2009

RoccoSrWell, we weren’t quite ready for the pumpkin planting on Memorial Day weekend, but hold on to your seedlings – because we have big plans for June and thanks to the generosity and hard work of Risbara Brothers Construction Company we may get the garden built yet! As many of you know, Clemente Risbara was the owner of the original Brentwood Farms. He and his wife Concetta and their four sons worked the land, built greenhouses, and raised and sold produce for many years, until the Great Depression hit and they lost the land to the City for back taxes.

When we contacted the Risbaras to learn more about this fascinating bit of history, they were thrilled to think that the land would revert to its original use and they made a very generous offer of earth moving services and material. This donation alone represents the lion’s share of the effort needed to build the garden.

In the picture you see a young Rocco Risbara, Sr.  with the farm truck, it is his son Rocco Jr. and his sons who will be helping us this spring. We are most grateful to the Risbara family, and it is our belief that the Brentwood Farms Community Garden will be a fitting tribute to their grandparents.


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